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Body & Brain Wellness Foundation San Diego

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Integrative Health & Wellness Instructor Services in North County San Diego

Our Ideal Customer

We actively seek companies and organizations who have a genuine interest in helping their employees or members cultivate their physical health, mindfulness and emotional balance. Our classes, workshops, interactive presentations and retreats are designed to create awareness and harmony on an individual level, in teams and within a workforce. Our instructors also offer affordable wellness classes to the public by volunteering at community centers and other locations.

Body & Brain Contracted Wellness-At-Work Services:

Body & Brain Inc. offers on-site classes, workshops and event presentations to help organizations and businesses create a healthier and more creative workforce. Our classes, workshops, presentations and other Wellness At Work services have been provided to many major corporations such as Google, Apple, Lockheed, Nike and CocaCola, to government agencies including the Coast Guard and the National Park Service, to a variety of resorts, schools and private organizations and at many employee wellness events. We would be happy to meet with your company or organization to develop a customized program that will suit your needs and budget, or to support your employee wellness events.

Body & Brain Wellness Foundation Community Classes:

Our Foundation community instructors are trained to teach a variety of integrative health therapies, including meridian energy yoga, taichi-qigong, acupressure, breathing, mindfulness and meditation techniques. You'll find us at the Women's Club of Oceanside and other non-profit centers, city parks and community centers throughout North County San Diego. We offer invigorating, fun classes and workshops for all ages. Students find our classes very effective for improving balance, circulation, posture, breathing, mindfulness, emotional balance, weight management and stress management. 

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