That Boy Good

That Boy Good


That Boy Good

326 N Horne St.
Oceanside, CA 92054 | map | directions
(760) 433-4BBQ
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How did it all start?

The name, That Boy Good, is an old Southern slang term for good food and good music – as well as a line in the movie Coming To America.

The Dream

Chef Mark met Miss Kim in Vail Colorado. They both were part of an opening team for the Arrabelle, a new luxurious destination hotel for Rock Resorts. Chef Mark wooed Miss Kim with his undeniable charm and they married in Maui in 2011. Chef Mark had always said he wanted his own restaurant. Knowing how hard it is to run a restaurant, Kim said, “You’re Crazy, but I’m up for the challenge”. The two put their heads together about it and created what is now That Boy Good!

Our Town

We are so excited to be in Oceanside and are really proudly committed to supporting our locals, our Military and local charities. Miss Kim lived in Oceanside in early 2000. Victor, their son, was born in Oceanside in 2001. This is where the love of Oceanside first started for her. She introduced Mark to Oceanside in 2011 where he instantly fell in love and knew this was a place he could call home.

Member Since: 2012