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✓ For Men And Women 40+

✓ SlimBounding® Group Rebounder Classes

✓ DRT Dynamic Resilience Training® On Pilates Equipment

✓ Yoga Psychology Individual And Couples Counseling

✓ Yoga Church Group Classes

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Deborah and Patrick Redmond own and operate a beautiful boutique wellness studio in Oceanside offering women and men carefully curated wellness and fit-ness programs focused on the 40+ age group. Patrick works one-on-one teach-ing DRT Dynamic Resilience Training® on Pilates Equipment and he teaches

SlimBounding® Group Classes on Rebounders. Deborah works with Individu-als and Couples in Yoga Psychology Counseling Sessions and she teaches two Group Yoga Classes each week.

DRT Dynamic Resilience Training®
Clinical Exercise On Pilates Equipment
Strong, Long And Lean. A Great-Feeling Back. And No More Jelly Belly.

Patrick Redmond, co-founder of DRT Dynamic Resilience Training®:

“You will LOVE your new DRT Body. I have taught over 20,000 sessions with women and men from over 100 different backgrounds with over 100 different body conditions and no two sessions were ever identical. I believe there is always more to learn and work on together because every single person is unique and the combinations of body challenges and movement potential is limitless. Please learn more and read inspiring client testimonials and impressive supporting documents online at Call/Text or email me to schedule your first session (760) 529-6493 or You will feel better right away and the positive changes increase exponentially as you continue attending your sessions.”

Fast. Fun. Get It Done.
30-Minute Cardio & Sleek Sculpting On Rebounders.

Patrick Redmond, co-founder of SlimBounding:

“Cardiovascular exercise is critical for many reasons. However, many cardio activities produce undesirable side effects. This is important as we find our-selves age 40+. Therefore, Deborah created this strong cardio program with a balanced, whole-body approach."

“SlimBounding® gives you terrific cardio plus lean sculpting of arms, legs, butt, and thighs. It is safe and easy on your joints. Safe because you bounce on your own personal trampoline (with Safety Bar if needed) and I always teach “Safety First, Then Results”. Easy on you joints because bungee cord trampolines in-stead of springs. Bouncing on bungees feels SO NICE and SO MUCH BETTER than springs. Much quieter too.

“A favorite benefit is the “Natural Face Lift” that comes from the bouncing work truly tightening all of your skin including your face. Learn more about this, read inspiring client testimonials, and check out our Group Class Schedule at Come check out a FREE CLASS and see what our clients have loved for years.”

Red Mountain Institute of Yoga Psychology
Yoga Psychology for Individuals and Couples

Deborah Redmond, MA, LMFT CA 30421:

“Stuck? I can relate (picture is of me when our 100-foot retractable measuring tape would not go back into the housing despite my best efforts). I earned my MA in Marriage Family Therapy in 1989 and have worked with Individuals and Couples for over 30 years helping people quickly make positive, lasting changes. Sometimes you just need some "outside help" to identify, and resolve Personal, Relationship, and/or Work/Career Issues. I approach the work by quickly learning about and understanding you: your personality; your prefer-ences; your challenges. Then we get to the heart of the matter(s) right away and I teach you effective tools that you take away and apply regularly in your life.

“Change happens to all of us one way or another. Take Control Of Your Life And Move Closer To Your Own Values And Aspirations. Here's what clients have said over the years about the work:Welcoming, Warm And Safe. Daz-zling. Astonishing. Motivating. Practical. Doable. Short- And Long-Term Re-sults. Heartfelt. Inspring. Fun. Interesting. Insightful. Deep. Playful.

Book Your Session(s) Today And Get Started On Your New, Better Life.

“For session fees and how to get started, please visit

“Yoga Psychology empowers you with practical, profound, progressively-ap-plied tools for positive personal transformation. These tools enable you to grow and change on all levels including emotionally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually. In this way, you create dramatic, lasting results that flow into all areas of your life.

“In your sessions, you learn how to integrate the tools of Yoga Psychology into your daily life. Evolving and growing in a balanced, holistic way, you support your process with an adaptable session framework that works for you.

“Examples of areas that can be addressed include:

• Mild, Moderate, And Intense Mood Imbalances such as depression and bipolar disorder

• Personality Challenges such as when the relatively fixed way someone perceives and filters the internal/external world creates repetitive suffering

• Energy Management Issues including attention deficit, distractibility, anxiety, worry/nervousness, insecurity, and fear

• Relationship Issues including partner/marital, familial, parenting, and/or caretaking

• Life Stages and Purpose

• Gender Issues

• Sexuality

• Addictions

• Social Skills

• Body Image and Relationship to Food

• Stress Management

• Decision Making/Procrastination such as career, relationships, avocational endeavors, and geographic move

• Yogic Diet and Nutrition

• Spirituality and Meaning

“Seessions Are Offered In Various Forms Including The Following:

· 30-Minute Session For Individuals (Not For Couples).

· 50-minute Session For Individuals (Not For Couples).

· 75-Minute Session For Couples.

· Phone/FaceTime Session

· Daybreak Beach Walk Session

“In addition, you may want us to integrate some BlissBounding® into your sessions. Deborah created Blissbounding® as a Yoga Psychology-based rebounding program (on personal trampolines) that helps you in the following ways:

• Balance Your Energy By Increasing Your Energy Level When You Are Too Low And/Or Calming Your Energy Level When You Are Too High.

• Create A More Positive Outlook.

• Sustain Feelings Of Gratitude And Joy.

“At Red Mountain, we are continually creating tools and designing programs to help people lead happier, healthier lives. We understand the deep link between physical and emotional health and we know that there are safe, simple, specific practices that will change not only the chemistry of the body/mind complex but also how that body/mind complex perceives reality. The ancient Yogis were masters of this. Debo-rah created BlissBounding® and Yoga Psychology Play Dates with these principles in mind.

“Yoga Psychology understands that challenges, discontent, suffering, and the desire for self-actualization manifest in a multitude of physical, mental, emotional, and spir-itual issues. It addresses the origins of those challenges, that discontent or suffering, that desire for self-actualization. Yoga Psychology promises that if you diligently practice your customized program, then you can navigate through your issues and experience healthy acceptance, peace, and power in your relationship with yourself and others. It also promises you can achieve your desire for self-actualization.”

Red Mountain Yoga Church Group Classes
Retreat To Red Mountain

Come share 🙏 and celebrate 🎉 the beauty, richness and depth of Yoga at our soulful Oceanside warehouse space. Together, we will laugh, we will cry, we will grow and we will amplify the love in our hearts. 💓 All skill levels welcome.

Your guide will be a nutty, mystical, a bit klutzy (Yup) long time Yoga Teacher & Yoga Psychology Specialist who LOVES to share a gorgeous (anatomically sound) flow, potent chants, transformational kriyas/pranayamas, lecturettes on the practical application of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, gong meditation... and per-haps a vegan treat too! 😉

Can't wait to meet. ☮︎

If you want a Yoga experience that is a lot more than just postures and stretch-ing, then you will LOVE our classes. If you like Yoga retreats, then you will LOVE our classes. If you like Yoga satsang, then you will LOVE our classes. (If you want a class that focuses strictly on postures, fitness, exercise, then this class is not the right choice.)

For a short while, leave your cares behind and come melt into a state of joy, peace, and bliss. Each class includes a flowing series of postures plus an experi-ence of Yoga's many other aspects. Examples include brief Yoga Sutras lecture, singing, chanting, gonging, purifications practices, specialized breathing, candle light ceremony, and meditation.

FREE BONUS: Immediately before each Yoga Church Group Class is our 30-minute Yoga Temple Open Meditation. You are welcome to attend this silent meditation and you can arrive anytime during the 30 minutes.

Each class is led by Deborah Redmond, MA, LMFT CA 30421, Yoga Psychology Specialist. Learn more at Call or text Deborah at 760-529-1313 or email her at