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Action Research specializes in changing behavior through blending traditional marketing activities with cutting edge research from the social and behavioral sciences, including psychology, sociology, and economics. Our emphasis is exclusively on behaviors that contribute to clean, healthy, and sustainable communities.

Action Research is an international leader in community-based social marketing, and our skilled and experienced team members utilize a full range of research and marketing tools to develop effective programs across a spectrum of behaviors. Since 2001, Action Research has provided research and behavior change solutions to dozens of public agencies, non-profit organizations, and private companies that are seeking to promote positive behaviors in their communities, workplaces, and environments.


Research and Evaluation
Action Research is committed to turning research into action.  Our staff members are experienced at synthesizing data and translating results into usable outcomes.
• Research:  Action Research can develop and implement telephone surveys, interviews, focus groups, surveys, & behavioral observations, and will identify the most appropriate method for the research question, target audience, and budget. 
• Evaluation:  We apply cutting edge research methods and statistical techniques to generate needed answers and provide recommendations for future program decisions. 

Community-Based Social Marketing (CBSM)
CBSM packages basic principles of psychology with applied research methods to effectively promote behavior change across a variety of settings.  Action Research offers services from basic consultation to full-scale program development and implementation.

Webinars and Workshops
Workshops provide hands-on instruction in basic principles of social marketing, developing effective outreach materials, program development, and evaluation.

Consulting and Strategic Guidance
Our staff has experience working with program elements from print and video mass media to community-level grassroots campaigns. Our consulting services emphasize effective strategies of messaging and communication, applications of behavioral science, CBSM, statistical analysis, survey design, and evaluation methods.

Creative Design
Our skilled team can create a complete range of print, video, and web-based media. 

Sample Projects

Action Research worked with the City of Oceanside Clean Water Program to develop an outreach campaign aimed at decreasing the amount of pet waste left along the San Luis Rey River bike path.  The project targeted community residents surrounding the river who utilize the path to walk their dogs. Services included mail surveys and recommendations for structural interventions and improved signage.  The “Do Your Doody” campaign resulted in a 23% decrease in pet waste accumulation on the trail. 

In 2009, Action Research worked with the San Diego Association of Governments to conduct an onboard survey of passengers to collect origin, boarding, alighting, destination, and demographic information to meet transit planning and modeling needs. We designed a stratified random probability sample of passenger trips on the bus and rail routes in San Diego County. Our sampling plan resulted in a sample size of approximately 43,000 passenger trips from the 151 routes in the San Diego region with a final response rate of 65%.

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