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World of Wellness Healing Care is a direct primary care clinic. Direct primary care means a direct relationship with a doctor, with no third parties involved. Your doctor will have less patients, which means your doctor can see you right now, today, or tomorrow. Whether it takes 30 minutes or an hour, your doctor can do whatever it takes to provide the care you need. She can answer your phone calls, return your emails, even write your refills. Plus, do it all on your time.

Our clinic is membership based, which means low monthly costs cover all doctor services. Included in the membership are discounts on lab and pharmacy orders, house-calls, preventative care visits, and acute care visits.

Tina F. Edwards, MD

Dr. Edwards is a multi-faceted physician and healer with 3 decades of experience in martial arts, Eastern meditation and healing practices.  She graduated from the Uniformed Services University in 2004, and spent 15 years in the Navy. Trained in Emergency Medicine at Naval Medical Center, San Diego, she has served this country by taking care of patients in the Persian Gulf, Japan, South America, all over the US, and at sea around the world.

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