Capital Solutions Bancorp

Capital Solutions Bancorp

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My mission is to provide reasonably priced financing options to businesses that are frustrated with the red tape and bureaucratic process of traditional banks.  My approval process is so easy to qualify you will be surprisingly relieved. 

Who can I help? Almost any Business to Business company that offers terms to their customers can benefit from my services.

Key Features: 
• A/R Lines up to $ 5 Million
• Start-Ups (Un-Bankable), Growing Companies, Construction companies included.
• Businesses with traditional bank/SBA financing in place needing additional Funding

Financing Structure:
• Decisions made with 48 hours
• No Term Requirements
• No Early Termination Penalties
• No Personal Guarantees
• Reco

Products and Services
Invoice Factoring – Many businesses have 30+ days of sales tied up in accounts receivables.  Factoring solves that, by funding cash on invoices immediately instead of having to wait 30 days, 60 days or more.  It acts as a stepping stone for our clients, taking them from being “un-bankable”, all the way to becoming “eligible” for traditional banking products.