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Litigation can be expensive and time-consuming.  Epiphany ADR is a unique law firm, committed to helping our clients stay OUT OF COURT.  We do this by providing estate planning, collaborative family law representation and mediation services. 

Estate planning allows you and your spouse to make decisions together in advance.  Having things in place provides peace of mind, so that you can rest assured that your directions will be followed and your loved ones will be cared for in your absence.

Family disputes, including divorce, are the least suited for litigation.  Collaborative divorce can keep your private matters confidential and reduce the negative impacts on your children.

We also offer mediation services, if you find yourself already involved in a dispute.  Mediation helps you avoid the time, expense and stress of civil litigation, and can result in a binding settlement agreement between parties. 

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Estate Planning:  wills, trusts, advance health care directives, powers of attorney

Family Law:  premarital agreements (“prenups”), divorce representation, requests for support orders, modification of existing orders

Mediation:  divorce, family, civil (business), workplace, tort, community

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